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andretti. motorsports expertise and rich history.
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motorsport expertise

The world over, Andretti is synonymous with the sport of racing. This wealth of knowldege, history, and real world race experience pumps through the veins of the family that is Andretti.

Conventional wisdoms evolve to meet the challenges of a growing digital world where the old and the new often clash. Jeff Andretti, son to Mario, and his team combine a wealth of motorsports experience and knowledge to innovative motorsports marketing in a world where a branding redux defines marketing success in the digital age.

creative minds

In today's world, trends, social topics, what's hot and what's not change overnight. Brands need a company that has their finger on the pulse of their audiences - a company that moves quickly and delivers messages that are relevant and will engage.

With decades of experience in brand integration in music, film, and television, JAM's "out of the box" thinking is proven. That experience is now being applied to the world of motorsports.


JAM's team of entertainment industry professionals compliment traditional branding and sponsorship components by deliverimg creative "STORY TELLING" that takes the brands message well beyond the stands at the race track.

At the end of the day it comes down to ROI. JAM delivers more targeted eyeballs for less. JAM get's the results our brand partners desire. Period.

The thrill of motorsports - the racing, the drivers, the sound, the crowds - it's emotion.. it's being human. The creation of JAM MP emerged from a need to reconnect a new generation to the American passion that is motorsports. It's good for the sport. It's good for the brands. - Jeff Andretti

Racing becomes the backdrop - the seed - for planting messages all over the web. Drivers, teams, and the series each have their stories. JAM essentially cast the actors, develops the plot that meets our brand partners objectives and then we tell the story. We have been doing this successfully for years in the entertainment world. The concept is not new, but it's not being done by anyone else. There is a need. We are the solution. - Erik Michael Lech

  • Managing Partner

    Jeff Andretti

    Jeff oversees all aspects of driver development, team acquistion, and potential roadblocks when dealing with series and media. These services are conducted through JAM MP's sister company - Jeff Andretti Motorsports.

    "Motorsports marketing is the most flexible of all sports marketing in the U.S.A. This flexibility also creates complexity and often presents challenges to brands. JAM MP makes it work."

  • Managing Partner

    Erik Michael Lech

    Erik oversees the creative team and weaves the brand message through complimentary media channels and celebrity cross-promotions.

    "Overseing the creative teams that channel brand messages through converging media and entertainment channels often including unconventional mashups of cross promotions and mixed media marketing campaigns. Rules? What rules?"

  • Business Development Manager

    J.P. Solyom

    J.P. oversees brand initiatives - the message and/or development of the message. This is the "processes" side of JAM.

    "The basic goal after all is to build brand equity and generate sales. Process adds a facilitating framework for aligning business objectives, branding strategies, marketing campaigns and promotions, and most importantly ROI."

  • Branded Entertainment

    Jordan Yopse, Esq.

    Jordan is at the forefront of brand integration in film, music, and television. A pioneer, Jordan works with the JAM creative team to effectively do the same within the world of motorsports.

  • Event and Celebrity Acquisition

    Nehemiah Boykin

    Through Nehemiah's elite black book, we work closely with the world's top entertainers (music artists, athletes, actors), allowing us the ability to connect our clients with all levels of talent.

  • Event and Promotion Manager

    Freddie Brown

    Freddie works with clients to create unique and memorable experiences - hosting, crating, and executing some of the most recognized concerts and events in the entertainment space.

The world of motorsports is fast paced. Brands need a company that can step in and keep their message at the forefront. Brands need JAM!

Our Disciplines

sponsorship + branding + creative = activation

business development

Business development provides the hub for interaction between brand and the creative team. Additionally, if a brand strategy is not defined or there is a need to translate into a new market - business development steps in to get it done.


The execution of a clear brand strategy affects all aspects of your business and directs JAM MP's brand messaging efforts. The positioning strategy points to the target audience(s) and sets the stage for an ongoing brand story with brand messages that engage your prospective customers and build brand loyalty. Branding is the continuous process of building brand equity by capturing new customers and maintaining loyalty.

the formula

With a common understanding of your brand DNA - brand strategies, and target audience(s)- JAM creates a touchpoint map and messaging action roadmap for achieving the desired goals. This is essentially JAM MP's "formula" for the story telling.

media development

The new reality of media and audience fragmentation creates both challenges and opportunities. Expect the blurring of media and entertainment to delight these communities with creative mashups driven by demographic, psychometric, and lifestyle segmentation profiles of your target audiences.

We know how to break the message into bits and pieces and then developing the tools to get it out there. Apps, contests, promotions, and averything else under the sun.

the magic

This is the part of the equation that we hold close to the chest. Activation is part process, part marketing and a whole lot of art.

staying connected

Maintaining sustained results requires the continuous monitoring of your brand's pulse and a fast response to the 24/7 flow of information and noise that continuously influence and motivate your audience.

The JAM difference means improved ROI for our brand partners. Monitoring activity, adjusting the messages, and delivery oversight via our "response lab."


  • JAM stepped in and the first thing they did was help me improve my current brand message and positioning of our company. They reworked the VRX website top to bottom and then immediately assisted in getting the message out there. We saw an increase in sales. Additionally, they procured business partners for us - getting our simulator into Howie's Game Shack and FrontGate's high end catalogue.

    Robert Stanners, Owner, VRX Race Simulators

Latest Media

Mattia Vita joins Jeff Andretti Motorsports and JAM

Mattia comes to JAM for a season in FCC behind the wheel of a Pro Mazda car via Formula 3 in Europe where is was strong. Born and raised in Luca, Italy - the town in which Mario once lived - Mattia is fluent in both Italian and English making the transition that much easier. JAM has partnered with World Speed Motors owned and operated by Telo Stewart and considered the series strongest team. As an added benefit, World Speed also happens to be based in Sonoma CA, which hosts both FCC races, as well as, Indy Car.

Mattia's goal is to get acclimated to the car style with a season in FCC and then move into the Indy Ladder system with momentum. Mattia's journey includes Pro Mazda, Indy Lights, and then the Indy Racing series featuring the world renowned Indy 500

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Kendell Lopez brings diversity to JAM's driver rolodex

Kendell Lopez is NASCAR's sole Hispanic-American development driver. Beyond the obvious "female in racing" story which is becoming less of a story and more of a transition of the sport, Kendell speaks to one of the nation's largest and fastest growing demographics - Hispanics.

Kendell will be racing in the ARCA racing series and has recently completed a test session with Venturini racing, the series premiere development team. The short track test proved that she will be a force to reckon with. Jeff was on hand along with Justin Boston the series 2013 rookie of the year to provide tips and guidance. Kendell finished the testing day beating Justin's first test session at that very track. Very promising for Ms. Lopez if we don't say so ourselves.

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An accumulation of motorsports knowledge combined with our desire to be creative and step outside the box has lead to this point. Paving new paths does not need to be difficult; it just takes looking at the situation through a fresh set of eyes. It's the "can't see the trees through the forest" analogy.

Our Past

Our past has lead us to this future. A picture says a thousand words.

Born into racing

From left to right: Cousin John,
Brother Michael, Cousin Mark, and Jeff

Jeff In Action

Jeff leads the way for brother Michael.
Those were the days.

It takes a team

Early on you come to the realization
that this is a team sport.


We were instrumental in the development
of music that went on to become "Grunge."

Pop Culture

We have worked with Pop recording
artists from all walks of life.

Hip-hop & RnB

What more can we say than our partners
are the forefathers of the West Coast
hip-hop movement.

BRand partnering

A combination of equity and
can go a long way.

Social Media

Engagement is the name of the game.

Yes, we know it's cheating when you
use P Diddy as the "bait."

Story Telling

Linking CeeLo's story through social
and traditional media proved to be a
winning combination.

Brand Integration

Stars. More stars. And, oh yes... Stars + Brands.

Do we need to say more?

The big screen

Brand integration supported and exploited
via social media, contests, and promotions.

Motorsports marketing needs a shake up and we accept the challenge of being the one to pave the path. It's always been easier to follow than lead - but we don't know any other way! Join us.

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